Youth Servant Leader (YSL) Program

The YSL program is designed so high school youth can foster and develop leadership skills while serving as an assistant to the college-aged counselors during a week of summer camp. An application process and training weekend are required prior to time of service.

Health Care Volunteers

Camp Omega is looking for trained and certified medical personnel who are willing to serve for a week or weekend as a Health Care Volunteer.

Resource Volunteers

Camp Omega invites professional church workers such as teachers, DCEs, DCOs, and pastors to help with Christian mentorship and instruction during week-long camp sessions.

Other Volunteer Events

Group Oriented Servant Events

Is your group looking for a good service project? Camp Omega is available for families, adult groups, youth groups, or school groups to work on camp projects ranging from a few hours to a week-long service opportunity. Service events can take place any time of the year.

Individual Service Opportunities

Camp Omega has many needs throughout the year for individuals who desire to serve in a specific area. Services needed include (among others) housekeeping, food service, mass mailings/labeling, sewing projects, database updating, computer networking and maintenance, website development, light construction, plumbing, electrical, landscaping & mowing, tree removal, trail maintenance, program facilitation assistance, and delivering of congregational materials. Please contact Camp Omega’s office if you would like to volunteer.