Giving Club

Giving Club

Join Camp Omega’s monthly Giving Club.
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The cost of running camp…facility maintenance, food service, utilities, recruitment of staff and payroll… in short, everything is going up…

In order to keep ever rising camp fees affordable, Camp Omega depends on donors like you. The goal is to increase annual donations from 30% to 40% by year’s end. To do this…

Camp Omega is seeking 1,000 families to join the monthly
donors Giving Club by contributing $50 a month.


When you become a monthly donor, you are making a difference and directly helping Camp Omega share Jesus!

Rooted in Christ, Camp Omega is dedicated to nurturing spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth
of all people.

Recurring, electronic donations are steady income
that camp can rely on from month to month.

View the Monthly Giving Club members who are making a difference in the lives of 10,000s of people every year. ⬇️

Arlon & Jackie Becker, Garden City MN
Kevin & Jennifer Becker, Morristown MN
Howard & Kathy Bode, Faribault MN
Bruce & Debbie Borchardt, Prior Lake MN
Dan Borkenhagen, Owatonna MN
Joyce & Lois Ciffra, Owatonna MN
Andrew Crist, Waterville MN
Andrew Dramstad, Sherburn MN
Brad & Amy Handevidt, Mantorville MN
Shannon & Kelly Hecksel, Mankato MN
Thomas Hermel, Lakeville MN
Kyle Hinrichsen, Ft Johnson LA
Tabitha Hoffman, Rochester MN
John & Lisa Ingebrand, New Prague MN
Rick and Lisa Karsten, Morristown MN
David & Gloria Kenow, Owatonna MN
Bill & Geraldine Kuschel, Waseca MN
Bob & Jen LaCroix, Waterville MN
Nathan & Laura Leckband, Eagan MN
Carolyn Linderman, Hayward WI
Virgil & Jane Luehrs, Faribault MN
Nathan & Katie Messer, Victoria MN
Joe Meixl & Nancy Dobson, Mankato MN

Renee Morris, Waterville MN
Hannah Ness, Merrill WI
Debra Herzan Parker, Hopkins MN
Clinton & Bobbie Peach, Waterville MN
Ben & Dawn Rolf, Rogers MN
Steven & Amanda Rose, Morristown MN
Dale & Pam Rudolph, Waseca MN
Barry Sauer & Family, Lismore MN
Rick & Lynn Schafer, Faribault MN
Dennis & Iny Schmidtke, Morristown MN
Jim & Linda Schull, Medford MN
Eric & Kristie Schwarz, Waseca MN
Russ & Suzanne Schwichtenberg, Owatonna MN
Tim & Amy Stensrud, Lakeville MN
Curt & Sylvia Stoltenow, Hankinson ND
Jim & Pam Sweere, Lakeville MN
Jennifer Veilleux, Bloomington MN
Barbara Veilleux, Canton NC
Deb Vinkemeier, Bigfork MN
Jon & Laura Vollrath, Dover MN
Mary Wetzel, Waterville MN
Ted & Michele Yoder, Waseca MN


Join the Camp Omega Giving Club by setting
up a recurring monthly donation of $50.

Camp Omega receives more of your donation when you choose Bank Account instead of Credit Card.

How to set up your recurring monthly gift:

  1. Click the button above, then choose “Recurring Donation”
  2. Choose $50 (or desired amount) under “General Unrestricted Donation”
  3. At the bottom of the page click “Next”
  4. If you have a Camp Omega online account, sign in. Otherwise, create one.
  5. Choose “Proceed to Payment” and enter banking or credit card information. Camp Omega receives more of your donation when you choose Bank Account instead of Credit Card.

If you have any questions, please call the Camp Omega Office at (507) 685-4266.