Camp Omega prides itself on offering quality meals for all of our guest groups. All meals are served buffet-style. Lunch and supper include a salad bar, a choice of entrees, side dish, and dessert. Dining facility is shared with all guests on camp and all meals are served in the Dining Hall. Groups may bring their own meals or snacks, but they are not allowed to cook their own meals.

Meal Times and Procedures
Meals are typically served at 8:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 5:30 pm. However, exceptions can be made in advance. Meals are served as a camp community in the Dining Hall where all guests join together. The Retreat Host begins each meal with a meal prayer, announcements, and an explanation of meal procedures for receiving your food.

Special Meal Requests
The staff will do everything possible to meet your dietary requests and needs. Please notify us about those needs as soon as possible. This allows us ample time to make necessary arrangements.

The Camp Omega kitchen can provide snacks for your group upon request. Typical snacks include coffee, juice, fruit, cookies, muffins, and campfire snacks. Ask us about availability and pricing.