Facility Usage Guidelines

Waiver and Release of Liability
All guests of Camp Omega, child, youth or adult, must complete the waiver prior to participation. Download, complete and bring with you to your next event at Camp Omega:
Waiver & Release of Liability Document

Arrival and Departure
While making a reservation, the group and Camp Omega will establish an arrival and departure time. Out of respect for other groups on camp, and in order to make sure that the facilities are ready for the next event, please try to avoid arriving early or staying late. If the scheduled arrival or departure time changes, please contact the camp office as soon as possible.

Welcome Orientation
Upon the group’s arrival at camp, the camp staff and/or Retreat Host will schedule a time to welcome the group and briefly orient them to the facilities and the camp.

Parking and Vehicles
Parking is available in the designated parking areas in front of the Retreat Center and in the Omega Lodge parking lot only. Camp Omega assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents. Camp Omega prohibits the transportation of persons in non-passenger vehicles. Please restrict driving and parking to designated areas (no driving on camp trails and access roads).

Groups are responsible for providing their own leadership and program. Please remember that there may be other groups using the camp’s facilities, so additional meeting spaces other than those previously arranged may not be available. If arranged in advance, camp staff or area resource people may be available for special leadership.

Recommended Youth Supervision Ratios
Organizations and groups who utilize Camp Omega and run their own retreat programs for youth and children’s groups are advised to maintain the following ratios:

  • 4-5 year old day campers: 1:6 staff to child ratio; overnight: 1:5
  • 6-8 year old day campers: 1:8; overnight: 1:6
  • 9-14 year old day campers: 1:10; overnight: 1:8
  • 15-17 year old day campers: 1:12; overnight: 1:10

Group leaders may wish to consider times when exceptions are required (more or less supervision). Groups may need to reduce the ratios to fit their needs. In order to provide the safest and most effective retreat for youth and leaders, Camp Omega suggests that groups determine when at least two supervising group leaders are required.

For emergencies on site, the group is responsible for First Aid and emergency care, as well as any emergency transportation. Camp Omega does have First Aid supplies available but recommends that the group brings any necessary supplies. Should an emergency occur while at Camp Omega, please inform the camp’s staff as soon as possible.

Health and Safety Recommendations
Camp Omega encourages groups to have one member of the retreat group who is First Aid and CPR certified through a nationally recognized provider. Camp Omega recommends bringing the names, addresses, and emergency contact information of all participants, as well as a signed permission slip to seek emergency treatment for minors. Camp Omega encourages the group leader to also gather a listing of any persons with known allergies, restrictions, or health conditions requiring treatment.

Camp Omega recommends that groups review their insurance coverage before coming to camp. Optional camper medical insurance is available for .35 cents per person. For more information about this optional insurance, contact the camp office.

Food Service
Typically, Camp Omega serves meals in the Dining Hall at 8:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 5:30 pm. The Retreat Host will provide instructions on meal setup and cleanup. If there are special dietary needs or if other arrangements need to be made, please let the camp staff know when making a reservation.

Lodging and Meeting Facilities

  • Please plan on providing bedding and towels. All beds are bunk style.
  • Each group is responsible for the cleaning of its housing and meeting areas and for keeping outdoor areas litter free.
  • Alcohol is not allowed on Camp Omega’s property at any time without prior consent from the Executive Director.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the buildings. Designated smoking areas away from children include areas immediately to the right of the Dining Hall entrance and to the left of the Retreat Center entrance.
  • Pets are discouraged on Camp Omega property at any time for any reason. Pets are not allowed in any camp building at any time.

Quiet Hours
All-camp quiet hours begin at 10:30 PM. All groups are requested to move all activities indoors. Camp Omega has an agreement with our neighbors that all outside noise will cease after 10:30 P.M. Outdoor noise levels are limited to normal talking level only. All amplification systems must be turned off and unplugged by this time.

Camp Omega has a wide variety of equipment available for guest use. Many have no additional charge; however, a few require staff facilitation and incur an additional program fee. Upon arrival, please inform the Retreat Host of the group’s equipment and special facility needs. Also, please inform the Retreat Host of personal sports equipment the group members bring to Camp Omega. All use of equipment must be approved by camp personnel, and they will provide a short orientation on safety and instruction regarding equipment use. Damage or misuse of any equipment is the responsibility of the group. Personal sledding equipment may not be used on the tubing hill. Camp Omega is not responsible for usage of personal sports equipment.

Additional Facility Usage Guidelines

  • No swimming or wading in the lake.
  • No usage of watercraft or water activities without camp staff and lifeguard supervision.
  • No climbing trees.
  • No knives or weapons.
  • No alcohol or illegal drug usage is allowed in camp.
  • No unsupervised usage or playing on the Challenge Course equipment.
  • Stay clear of areas marked “Staff Only.”
  • Use caution while participating in running games. Watch out for steep slopes.
  • Wear shoes at all times (except at the pool).

Future Reservations
If groups wish to secure the same dates for an event next year, Camp Omega will hold these dates for up to one week after the current reservation. After that point, the dates will be open for other group reservations.